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Generative visual identity

Since 2015, we are creating generative visual identity for various clients and associations using different programming languages or video software.

On this page you can see the following project:

- Generative visual developed during a competition for the visual identity of Lausanne Jardin 2024. Collaboration with Tancrède Ottiger. (project not selected)

- Generative colorfull design programmed for the mapping projection of Lausanne Lumière 2021.

- A plugin for Indesign programmed for Giliane Cachin to automatically generate different text hyphenation experimentation.

- Abissa (a the Swiss computer company) generative identity for their 25th anniversary using Processing.

- METAA association. Visual identity and graphic design made by Everyday is Monday. Programming & animation by INT studio.

- Arcanite, custom logo for each employees using Processing.

- Javascript animation for ebbingsounds.zweikommasieben.ch/ Graphic design by MA ECAL typography students.