Cloudneo - Kinetic windows display


ON Running

Continuing our partnership with the swiss brand: ON running, we realised a kinetic window display to highlight their new Cloudneo recycled shoes as part of the Cyclon campaign.


In this context, we collaborated with the ON design team to create and engineer an installation consisting of three ribbons slowly rotating in a loop. They are made of tracing paper with the words "run, recycle, repeat, cyclon" printed on it, metaphorising the concept of recycling.

In the background, an LED screen acts as a backlight to illuminate the installation. 

The motorised system is reminiscent of a plotter printer. It contains multiple rollers which guide the paper in different directions, occasionally leaving space for displaying the product.

Before installing the final version in their flagship store in Zurich, we designed and prototyped the mechanical system in our workshop and produced a precise instruction manual for suppliers to replicate the installation in London and New York. 



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