I Hat an Idea


Swissnex San Francisco

Swissnex San Francisco gave us carte blanche in 2016 for the realisation of an interactive object aiming to connect guests attending the grand opening of their new offices at Pier 17. We came up with “I Hat an Idea”: an installation which consists of 6 custom-built hats linked to Twitter and 6 hashtags.

Bureau A
San Francisco

#eat, #live, #work, #travel, #sleep, #talk. Each hashtag can activate one hat containing a thermal printer which prints the live Twitter discussions taking place during the event. Additionally, when someone wears the hat, it generates and prints questions related to the topic.

The project was part of the exhibition #SOFTFORM organised in collaboration with bureauA.



Mechanical development of machines that can be operated by thought as part of an exhibition at the EPFL Pavilions

La Garde, the tangible part of the web documentary Dada-data for the 100th anniversary of the Dada art movement on ARTE and SSR