Environmental Injustice



INT studio collaborated with the scenographer Adrien Rovero on the realisation of three media installations which accompany the eco-conception of his scenography for the exhibition entitled “Injustice environnementale - Alternatives autochtones” at MEG.

Adrien Rovero and Atelier Valenthier (graphic design)

The first one is a 13m video projection which helps the visitors to be immersed into the poetic video installed nearby. The video by Daniel Lin depicts two indigenous women poets meeting at the source of our rising seas to share a moment of solidarity. We analysed the color of the video and have generated a new abstract animation composed of wavy color lines and synchronized with the original video. On the top of the projection, we have hung, in a minimal way, cuted shapes of stones and shells, two symbolic objects appearing in the video. The overall composition creates a poetic collage reminiscent of Matisse's cut-outs.

The second one is an audio-visual installation, where visitors can hear words in Sm'algyax (Dialect of the Tsimshian language spoken in northwestern British Columbia and southeastern Alaska) on the topics of the craft trades in indigenous areas. The sound is accompanied by a video on the floor where words in Sm'algyax and its translation in french and english are projected. The wave-shaped typo animation echoes other curves appearing elsewhere in the exhibition.

The last one is a twelve screens video installation which together create a large world map displaying different data visualization on the indigenous people (location, conflicts etc).

The theme of the exhibition is the climate emergency, one of the major issues of our time. The tour presents the perspectives and the knowledge and know-how of indigenous peoples to face the degradation of their territories accelerated by climate change.



A design proposal for the visual identity of Lausanne Jardin 2024 (poster, signage, digital, website) on the topic of water

Finalist in a lighting, street furniture and digital design competition to equip the seven stations of the TL's new M3 metro in Lausanne.