Parhélie brings together all the moods of the lake into a single installation. The artwork - a luminous sculpture - reacts to the information provided by sunlight, time passing, and the movements on the water surface. The entire versatility of Lake Geneva is condensed here, in the unpredictable interplay of these three dimensions.

BCGE, Geneva

The installation, suspended in the entrance of the new BCGE in Geneva, perfectly complements the circular architecture of the renovated building. Custom-made in our workshop after a prototyping stage, it forms a cylinder of 4 x 4 meters. It is composed of thin brass bars that accommodate a matrix of over 9000 LEDs to display real-time animation. The whole structure is fixed on three round-shaped platforms arranged with slight gaps. A software allows alternating the brightness frequencies of the LEDs to simulate the flickering effect of sunlight on the lake surface, also known as the parhelic effect.



The passing time can be read through the position of the luminous sphere according to the time of day. A reference to the passage of the solar star over the lake, the light effects spread from east to west through the sphere.


A real-time reflection of meteorological moments, the size of the sphere and its brightness vary depending on the sunlight over the lake waters. There is a correspondence with the time of day on one hand, and the amount of clouds on the other.


Surface movements

A third interpretation of the sphere is the force of the wind on Lake Geneva. The effects of its intensity affect the movement and brightness of the installation.



La Garde, the tangible part of the web documentary Dada-data for the 100th anniversary of the Dada art movement on ARTE and SSR

Goldrush, an innovative scientific communication campaign for EPFL LFIM lab featuring video games raising awareness among youth about gold recycling.