We have designed an online generative tool to enable Superlife customers to create and assemble their own "Superklip" shelves in real time. This new assembly system makes it possible to create modular furniture for any interior space.



The website is simple and user-friendly, with a 360-degree 3D view of the shelves. Users can choose a basic module and then add or remove modules according to the size of their space. They can also change the colour, type of material or add legs.

Our software then automatically calculates the price and size of the module, as well as the number of pieces that it comprises. People can also save their creation and come back later to make any final changes before placing an order.



A web platform for classifying, archiving, viewing and citing poetry papers by researchers at UNIL and the University of Fribourg

A touchscreen display installation in urban space to discover the historical heritage of the city of Échallens