Competition for Lausanne jardin 2024


Lausanne Jardin

We took part in an invitational competition organised by Lausanne Jardin to develop the complete visual identity (logo, poster, signage, digital, website) for their 2024 edition on the theme of water.

Tancrède Ottiger

Our proposal was inspired by the three rivers that join the Léman lake in Lausanne. We were also interested in the natural or artificial way in which water can flow.
We generated the poster using code and created a scenography made of construction site barriers echoing the grid of the visual identity. Plants and other signage elements could then be added in a modular way to the metal structure. For the website we had the idea of being able to display a map of Lausanne with several layers of information: planting, water networks, location of the festival's artworks. 



A dynamic window display for the new "Cloudneo" shoes campaign by the brand On Running

Three audio-visual installations to enhance the scenography of the "Environmental Injustice" exhibition at MEG in Geneva