Narrative focus


Photo Elysée, Plateforme 10

How does gaze influence information and how does information influence our perception ? Unlike a classic audioguide, Narrative Focus offers a type of non-linear sound narration, driven by eye-movement.

Manuel Sigrist
Arcades de Plateforme 10

This device invites the visitor to immerse himself in the pictures and obtain information about the work and its context. By fixing an area of the image, he or she triggers comments and can thus listen to the author speaking about his or her work. A slight zoom allows the visitor to channel his gaze and concentrate on a key element.

Narrative focus is an evolution of the Eye Tracking project developed at the Musée de l'Elysée on photographs by Matthias Bruggmann and Paolo Woods. This new version presents a sound journey around the works of Laurence Rasti (There are no homosexuals in Iran), Yann Gross and Léo Fabrizio (in alternation). The path travelled by the gaze is recorded anonymously in order to study how visitors observe the images.

Before moving in in autumn 2021, the Musée de l'Elysée and the mudac are present at PLATEFORME 10 through three innovative projects: LCD, Narrative Focus et Interactive Replicas.. These three installations - realized thanks to the support fund Engagement Migros - have been developed by INT studio in the framework of a residency, each exploring a way of interacting with digitized artworks.

A new version of the installation and updated experience has been developed especially for NO PHOTO Geneva (25th - 26th of September 2021) in which visitors can select and explore 6 photographs.



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