Unwhorl - Pending Xenophora


Alice (epfl), Mari Bastashevski

We were commissioned by artist Mari Bastashevski to create and develop a VR (virtual reality) experience for her research project with ALICE EPFL and the London Natural History Museum. The project has been shown at different locations including the first exhibition at Mediamatic, Amsterdam where the virtual experience is embedded in an immersive inflatable space.

Mattia Pretolani, T. Craig Sinclair, Clemens Driessen, Jordan Sand, and snails (unwhorl collective)

Mari’s research explores how emerging technologies of seeing could become spaces of field research into a speculative world of shared human machine and animal intelligence.

This mixed reality installation - created with Unity 3D - featured an evanescent and multi-layered world inspired by the archive of formally uncatalogued species at the London Natural History Museum.

At the beginning of the experience, visitors are given one of the 80 Xenophora (a type of extinct marine snails) from the available collection. They have then the possibility to wander through an organic architecture to observe the animal. The snail moves slowly and leaves a trail behind himself on the ground. When the visitors exit the experiment, the snail dies, leaving only its label and previous tracks for the next audience. After few visits, there is nothing left except the labels, only remaining relics of the multiple species of snails that the observation of the visitors has made disappear over time.



Goldrush, an innovative scientific communication campaign for EPFL LFIM lab featuring video games raising awareness among youth about gold recycling.

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