Our services

INT creates meaningful narratives and advises clients on ways of using digital technologies to improve their communication strategy.

Artistic Direction & Consulting

Agile in our approach, we accompany and advise our clients on technical and visual choices for their projects. We imagine and design meaningful narratives to help understand a concept. Leveraging our triple expertise as artists, engineers, and entrepreneurs, we create bridges between bold ideas and the realisation of clear objectives.

Continuously keeping an eye on emerging technologies and advances in digital tools, we engage in ongoing training to remain at the forefront of our field.  Artistic direction and consulting are applied across the entire range of our four other services in the early stages of a project.

Scenographies and Interactive Installations

Scenography and interactive installations are INT's specialty. With sharp expertise in material selection, lighting, interaction, and movement, we are capable of enhancing museum collections or products in a unique manner.

Our expertise encompasses all stages of a project, whether physical or digital:

  • Material selection
  • 3D modeling, visualization, and plan development
  • Creation of models and prototypes
  • Programming
  • Content creation for screens
  • Lighting management
  • Management of sensors
  • Creation of custom physical controllers
  • Design of mechanical and interactive systems

Design & web development

With extensive experience in web design and programming, we can create platforms that are both simple and ergonomic, as well as conceive and develop surprising virtual experiences or exhibitions, offering new ways to navigate and discover content.

Our services include artistic direction, site architecture, user experience design (UX) and UI design, realised using interactive mockups created with the tool FIGMA. We also implement front-end and back-end programming to guarantee smooth and efficient operation. Regarding the use of CMS (content management system), we generally use the open-source tool Processwire. More secure, lighter, and easier to manage than WordPress, it offers complete flexibility and gives the client the opportunity to quickly take control of the content autonomously.

Creative programming

Commissioned by graphic designers or communication agencies, we create generative and animated visual identities (logos, icons, typography). We also program 3D parametric design applications for designers, architects and conference centres. 

Thanks to code, these can be quickly adapted to all formats (print, screen, social networks). This dynamic approach allows us to provide flexible and scalable solutions to meet the varied needs of our clients.

Audio visual creation

Our designers master the latest audiovisual design tools: producing fixed, animated, or generative (real-time) CGI images.

These creations are often integrated into our scenographies and interactive installations to provide captivating experiences. For large-scale audiovisual projects, we collaborate with local companies specialised in the field to ensure high-quality results.

Each project is approached with sensitivity, exploiting a wide range of media to showcase data, cultural content or products effectively. 


To better understand a client's project, we conduct a targeted and in-depth project study in the form of a pre-project, including the development of ideas (sketches, inspiration images, visualisation, plan, material and technology research, etc.) and cost calculation with options.


In the case of a sophisticated technical project, we propose the making of a prototype in our workshop. It ensures the feasibility of the project to properly calibrate the final experience.

Manufacturing and Production

With good knowledge of current production tools, our team carries out stable and scalable projects. For large-scale works, we collaborate with local manufacturing companies. We design our projects in a modular way to ensure content modification.

Test & setup

Before the final installation, we test the project to guarantee its proper functioning. Our teams also provide on-site installation. Our interactive devices are designed to be user-friendly (automatic launch and shutdown).

Deployment and Maintenance

For long-term projects, we offer tailored maintenance services. We estimate this offer based on the quality of the hardware validated by the client and the technical complexity of the project, ensuring continuous operation over several years.