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Parametric 3D visualisation tool

The Swiss Convention Center at EPFL is one of the biggest spaces for conferences and events in Switzerland. It distinguishes itself from other major congress centers by its number of conference rooms and its adaptable capacity. The fully modular architecture of the building allows three auditoriums to become one; the number of seats in each auditorium can also be changed in a relatively short time thanks to mechanical automated technology.

To bring out this parametric aspect to its best potential, we have designed and built a native app - on Unity3D - allowing the STCC staff to parameter in real time and visualize in 3D a range of different spatial layouts of the building in a few seconds only.

Using an interface composed of sliders and buttons, the app gives them the possibility to vary the height of the rows of seats, add/remove the number of seats, open or close auditorium, change camera view, add/remove furnitures, lights or audio visual materials. They can also save screenshots of different variations in order to imagine options and discuss with their clients which one fit best their upcoming event.

Currently we have developed a first working prototype and plan to develop it further: improving details, atmosphere and ergonomics.