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Shadow of Drones

A scenography we developed for INFINITY ROOM 2, the new exhibition celebrating the 50 years of EPFL at the EPFL ArtLab.

This double-sided scenography uses video projected animation to both highlight/cast shadows of the different drones and show information about each of them. 24 drones coming from the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (EPFL) are sorted out into five families and hung in a geometrical and minimal way. The scenography plan is composed by 5 screens made out of half transparent material and suspended in alternance (right or left) alongside the long corridor of the exhibition space.

Entering the exhibition, visitors will first discover only the projected shadows of the drones (which could at first sight look like projected video animation). Yet some details, like the inverted text are inviting them to turn around the screen and give a closer look at the materiality of the drones.