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Comètes / Sublimations

We were invited by the Schlaepfer-Capt studio to create a monumental video projection of generative visuals on the theme of comets. Named "Comets - Sublimation" and produced with Processing software, the projection accompanies their interactive swings at the Place de la Louve. It can be seen from 24 November to 24 December 2021 as part of the Lausanne Lumières Festival.

During the last census, 4,352 comets were listed by the Minor Planet Centre. These small celestial bodies illuminate our nights with their coloured trail which is formed by the emission of plasma and dust when they approach a star.

For this installation, interactive swings catalyze a multitude of comets and vaporize volatile materials in a colorful projection that describes the chromatic variations of the sublimation of the cometary nucleus ice.