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Interactive Replicas at MCAH

We have created a new edition of “Interactive Replicas” for the MCAH (Musée cantonal d'archéologie et d'histoire), installed as part of their exhibition: “Artémis Amarysia. À la recherche du temple perdu” at Palais de Rumine (Salle Troyon 1st floor) in Lausanne.

How to create a tangible experience from digital replicas of fragile art pieces or archeological objects ? Interactive Replicas is a tactile device that allows you to discover archeological objects. By manipulating 3D printed replicas, visitors can interact on screen with the digitized artwork, exploring it from every angle to reveal the details of its shape and texture. Various types of interaction are possible thanks to physical controllers such as the slider for zooming or the switch to vary the interface's lighting atmosphere.

This edition of “Interactive Replicas” showcases two statues from their collection: A clay figurine representing the goddess Artemis from the Hellenistic period (3rd - 1st century BC) and a figurine representing an ithyphallic satyr from the classical period (around 450 BC).

For this version, we have decided to develop a narrative (game-based) approach of the experience. The interface displays questions to visitors, inviting them to look for a specific detail on the statue. When they find it, after having manipulated the object and played with the zoom slider, the interface highlights part of it and replies to the question. We have also updated the device with a custom designed PCB for the electronics.

3D scanning by photogrammetry of the objects realized by our partner Archeotech. Interactive Replicas is an idea and concept by INT studio, It was born during a residency at mudac as part of a pioneer project with Plateforme10.