Outdoor interactive tactile screen in the City of Echallens


Commune d'Echallens

We have been commissioned to design and develop the interface and user experience of an outdoor interactive tactile screen for the City of Echallens.

Echallens (VD)

The screen shows daily information about the city that is automatically synchronised to the database of their website’s news and calendar. The graphic design has been adapted in line with their current website in order to maintain visual consistency.

In addition the project highlights the archeological research conducted by Archeotech in the centre of the city. Through a virtual visit, the users can discover different media and 3D reconstitutions of the historical castle over time. This part is still in progress and will be released later this year.



A dynamic window display for the new "Cloudneo" shoes campaign by the brand On Running

An exploration of the ON Running clothing collection through a custom interactive installation