M3 - Stratorielle


Lausanne city, Canton de Vaud, TL

In a team with the Baraki architecture and Schlaepfer-Capt, INT was a finalist in the competition for the design of the new identity of the M3 subway in Lausanne (street furniture, signage, lighting and digital). Our project: The m3 is the only subway in Lausanne that is entirely underground and crosses different layers of the subsoil in an innovative sensory journey.

Baraki & Schlaepfer-Capt

Each station is materialized around an imaginary theme linked to the underground, which comes to life and is electrified when the metro train arrives. A true station icon, the animated decor helps identify the place while belonging to the overall theme: the journey in the underground.

Here are the themes chosen for each station:

  • Blécherette: wind erosion / wind dynamics
  • Plaines-du-Loup: Glacio-lacustrine layer / Bioluminescence
  • Caserne: Quartz cavern / Acoustic resonance
  • Beaulieu: Upper crust / Seismic activity
  • Chauderon: Rare metals / Technological components
  • Lausanne-Flon: Aquifer / Underground lake
  • Lausanne-Gare: Core / Convective flows

For the final round of the competition, the Stratorielle team developed:

A modular urban furniture design made in hardwood, a suspended light system as well as LED bars that intensify at the arrival of each train, a simple but effective signage echoing the one of the M2 metro, a generative system to help placing the different elements according to certain spatial conditions, a choice of cladding and materials for the stations, a prototype of informative interactive screens with the theme “strata” in the form of video animations, a complete model of the station at 1/50 scale as well as an interactive luminous model of the identity decors of each station at a scale of 1/20. It is accompanied by sounds (with a mineral resonance) and voices - of different inhabitants of the district - announcing the names of the stations.



Three audio-visual installations to enhance the scenography of the "Environmental Injustice" exhibition at MEG in Geneva

An aerial scenography presenting a collection of drones for the 50th anniversary of EPFL at the EPFL Pavilions