Black and Lights


EPFL Pavilions

INT created the interactive installation “Black & Lights” in collaboration with La Fondation Gandur pour l’Art and Arcanite for the "Noir, C'est Noir ?" exhibition at EPFL ArtLab in Lausanne (CH),, a retrospective about French painter Pierre Soulages. An impressive 23,000 people visited the exhibition during a three-month period in Spring 2016.


This physical experience is an illustration of the relation between light, the observer and the painting and its importance in the work of Soulages. The position of the observer is tracked in real time and influences the lighting on the painting.
Two light systems surrounds the Outrenoir painting. The first one, a suspended half-circle of spots, offers a variation between front and lateral lighting. The second one, consisting of grazing lights, moves along the side of the painting, revealing its relief.



A sound installation on the Ice Ages that reacts to the presence of visitors in the staircase of the Neuchâtel Natural History Museum

Interactive Replicas, a new way to explore archaeological objects in detail at the MCAH museum