Interactive Replicas at Plateforme10



How to create a tangible experience from digital replicas of artpieces ? Interactive replicas is a tactile device that allows you to discover design objects.

Marco Costantini
Archéotech SA
Arcades Plateforme10

By manipulating 3D printed miniatures, visitors can interact on screen with the digitized artwork, exploring it from every angle to reveal the details of its shape and texture. Various types of interaction are possible thanks to physical controllers such as the slider for zooming or the switch to vary the interface's lighting ambience.

Eight objects from the mudac's design and ceramic collections have been digitized in three dimensions. They will be presented alternately in groups of four. Visitors will be able to experience the work of Big Game, Martin Hyde, Philippe Barde and Gaetano Pesce, and then Nicolas Delaroche, Aldo Bakker, Edouard Chapallaz and Nicolas Lemoigne.

Interactive Replicas V.2 is an evolution of the Interactive Replicas at Mudac project developed during the INT residency at mudac in April 2019. 3D scanning by photogrammetry: Archéotech SA

Before moving in in autumn 2021, the Musée de l'Elysée and the mudac are present at PLATEFORME 10 through three innovative projects: LCD, Narrative Focus et Interactive Replicas.. These three installations - realized thanks to the support fund Engagement Migros - have been developed by INT studio in the framework of a residency, each exploring a way of interacting with digitized artworks.

In September 2020, the project was exhibited at the Vienna Design Week with Design Switzerland and Swiss Design Prize and has been awarded by the Magazine Hochparterre.





Narrative focus, a unique and non-linear sound narrative device, controlled by eye movement of the visitors for Photo Elysée

The first interactive, tactile, and luminous installation by On Running installed in London