Interactive Replicas at Mudac


Your can now discover, Interactive Replicas at Platefome10 the updated version of the project on the site of Plateforme10. Watch a documentaty on our residency here.

Since April 2019, INT is in residence at MUDAC to develop "Interactive Replicas": an interactive device based on the manipulation of miniature replicas of different artworks from the collections (ceramics, design, glass). The experience invites visitors to explore - in every detail - the form and texture of these digitized artworks. Different materials and techniques of 3D printing have been used.

These replicas serve as a physical controller for on-screen digital navigation. The system also aims to provide information about the object and its context based on the manipulation of the visitor. This residency is part of a research project carried out by the three PLATEFORME10 museums with the support of Engagement Migros. After exploring high-definition scanning, the project continues to create tangible connections between the visitor and the digitized content. The advancement of "embedded electronics" technologies offers new possibilities for interaction and opens the door to new forms of interactive content.

Beyond the purely technical aspect, the residence aims to explore a form of nonlinear narrative. The manipulation of the miniature influences the information and the information influences the handling. Can this principle be applied to present the work of an artist? How to create a coherent scenario? How do visitors react to the device? The first two prototypes present the "Fabrique des Rêves N ° 6" (2016) by artist Nicolas Delaroche and the "Trash Cube" (2010) by designer Nicolas Le Moigne. The work of Nicolas Delaroche is a ceramic with photographic print having been immersed for five months in a river. Nicolas Le Moigne's stool is made out of compressed Eternit cement scrap.

Since may 2019, two new replicas has been presented: A ceramic vase from Edouard Chapallaz and "Square Pourer" , a vial from designer Aldo Bakker.