LCD (Lumina, Chroma, Data)


Mudac, Photo Elysée, Plateforme 10

How to navigate simultaneously the digital collections of the Musée de l'Elysée and the mudac while giving a meaning to research? LCD proposes to go beyond traditional search by keywords, dates or authors by sorting the digitized artworks of the two museums by color.

Manuel Sigrist, Marco Costantini
Arcade in front of the MCBA at Plateforme10, Lausanne

Our immersive installation shows an interface that invites you to discover the collections of photography and design.

For this first version, a selection of around 1000 objects from the mudac and photographs from the Musée de l'Elysée were analyzed by a software to determine the RGB value of each pixel. The algorithm creates a color chart specific to each artwork. It then places them on a grid projected on the wall. Using a controller, the visitor is prompted to choose a position in the color spectrum (X axis) and saturation (Y axis). The two closest objects to the chosen color are displayed on the main screens.

The sculpture highlights the fetching of the database. The chromatic circle suspended in the center and the mechanics come alive to illustrate the path taken to access the chosen color. The visitor immerses himself in the collections of mudac and the Musée de l'Elysée.

Finally, "l’après-visite” allows visitors to go home with a printed souvenir of their visit giving them information about their selected artworks pairs thanks to a thermal printer.

INT's residency is part of a pioneering project initiated in 2015 thanks to the Migros Engagement Support Fund. With the aim to test and develop new digital and interactive solutions for the public. Together, PLATFORME 10's museums explore the digital world, draw new synergies between the teams and prefigure the potential mix of their collections.

LCD was exhibited as finalist of the Swiss Design Awards 2022 in Basel.



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