How can a heritage of poems be enhanced through digital means ? How to create a meaningful digital archive ? Developed for the “Printemps de la Poésie 2021”, Ptyxel is a web platform allowing visitors to discover and navigate through poetic videos by collection. The website brings together multimedia poetry produced in Western Switzerland.


In terms of design, we were inspired by the view of the book's spine on a library shelf. The width of the spine varies depending on the number of videos per collection, thus working as a data visualization.

The top menu allows the users to sort the collections by tags (period, topic, m/w/bn, type of poetry etc). The width of the collection is growing or reducing depending on the number of videos corresponding to the selected tags.

After watching a video, our system also suggests other videos across the collections. Those suggestions are not based on algorithms but on a human selection. The platform is also fully adapted for mobile use.



A touchscreen display installation in urban space to discover the historical heritage of the city of Échallens

Design et programmation des sites Internet d'Antigel festival 2021 et 2022